45,000 pupils for national mathematics competition

No fewer than 45,000 students from primary and secondary schools across the country will participate in this year’s national mathematics competition, The PUNCH reports.
The annual competition is organised by the Nigerian Turkish International Colleges, NTIC, in collaboration with the National Mathematical Centre.
Speaking with journalists, the Managing Director of NTIC, FevZullah Bilgin, explained that Mathematics was the essence and the basics of all of the subjects, saying it helped people to think more deeply to improve their analytical skills.
He noted that without mathematics, there would be no engineering, buildings, bridges, and even art because the symmetry in art was also related to mathematics.

“This year we are hoping to have more than 20,000 participants. Before COVID-19, it was 40,000 and we believe that it is going to have a huge impact nationwide in the end.
“ This is the 20th edition it’s been 20 years since we have been doing the competition in Nigeria. So this is the biggest mathematics competition in Nigeria.
“We are taking students into our scholarship programs through this examination, into JSS One, from primary five and six, and also into SSS One from JSS three. “
Bigil disclosed that “From this examination, we are hoping to get 24 scholarships to only primary school pupils, and also we have 12 for the full tuition fee and 10 for the accommodation and tuition fees making 22 for the junior secondary into SS one. This makes it a total of 46 scholarships. “
Clinton Abua from Prime Field International School, Lugbe, said, “I am here to make my school and my partner proud and am here to win this competition.”

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