Girlfriend burn boyfriend to death, set house ablaze after discovering he had a child with another woman (Video, photos)

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One Teebam; a Nigerian based in Cairo have been burnt to death by his girlfriend after she discovered that Teebam had a child a another woman.

According to report, Teebam return from Cairo to celebrate his girlfriend birthday with her, but everything ended in a tragedy as he was sent to his early grave by the same girlfriend.

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More reports also reveal the lady set Teebam house ablaze, destroying his property, life.

Watch video below:

Before commencing with her plans, she lament on her WhatsApp Status, saying Teebam has push her to the limit of doing what she have not done before.

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Teebam died on his way to UCH Ibadan for urgent medical attention after Lautech in Osogbo rejected him.

Friends and family of Teebam are threatening his girlfriend, says evil.


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