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Lyrics: B ted – Lies

Ye eh ye eh
Aww aw aww awwn
Let’s go
BTed, BTed, B
All God of mercy send out your blessings
Eyehhh ehhhh

Those times when you screwed up and I say it’s all fine baby.
Commando you always be the boss Everytime so saucy
I thought I could endure another day
But it seemed like we were going all fake
I really wanna tell you this, you can’t get a good girl this way
My fellas gat a diamond ring on their fingers flaunting all the time
Every year I’m a coordinator off a bridal shower it sulks deep down

Even when I try to fake it
Try not to admit it
Feelings we are losing I cry
I try to make a picture of something never hoped for
I end up getting a vision of something blur

I’m sad
Why does my heart keep breaking
Ain’t faking this part
And you showed up
Like you could always mend it even when we started with lies

I know I’ve never always been the girl you always dreamt of
But now I’m writing this song because I know it’s a send off
I always couldn’t get my hair, nails and clothes fixed
Because you were draining me so so deep
But now I fully regret it cause all your conditions were hard to meet

They saw follow your heart but which way do I go when it breaks into two?
But you always deny that I never ever took you seriously
Even my dreams I had to kill
For a thing that wasn’t real
I was so clumsy
And obviously couldn’t think

I’m sad
Why does my heart keeps breaking
Ain’t faking this part
And you showed up like you could always mend it
Even when we started with lies

I’m sad.

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