5g network

Mafab rolls out 5G network

5g network
Fifth-generation technology penetration is set to grow in Nigeria following Mafab Communications’ rollout of 5G services in Abuja on Tuesday.
This is coming after the Nigerian Communications Commission approved a five-month extension for the firm’s 5G rollout in August 2022.
With the firm’s rollout, Nigeria now has two 5G service providers, with a third set to join soon.
While speaking at the rollout event, the Chairman of Mafab Communications, Dr Mushabu Bashir, said, “The rollout of Mafab 5G network is the beginning of immense opportunities for the country as it represents Nigeria’s capabilities and infinite possibilities the prospect of increased job opportunities as a consequence of the value-chain benefits the technology will generate and offer is the dream we have all gathered here to launch today.”

He added, “5G network will usher into this country a wide array of business opportunities, wherein various business outfits will expand their frontiers with operational ease and speed, especially in the fields of education, medical sciences, engineering, security, businesses like the banking sector, SMEs, smart cities, transportation, entertainment which will not benefit only urban areas but also meet our long-term goal of ensuring that even people in rural areas and villages also enjoy benefits of this amazing technology.”
Also speaking at the event, Mafab’s Communications spokesperson, Adebayo Onigbanjo, stated that 5G would usher in fast downloads, low latency, and high speeds.
According to the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami, the firm’s launch of 5G services would ensure the country has the largest 5G coverage in Africa.
Earlier in the year, a source at Mafab had confirmed to The PUNCH that the firm had started testing running its 5G services and would make an announcement before the end of January.
The source said, “There are some live sites now. Some are in Lagos. There should be an announcement before the last day of the month.”
MTN Nigeria and Mafab won the two available lots of 100 MHz TDD slots of the 3.5 GHz band in 2021. The two firms paid $273.6m each for their licenses.
In December 2022, Airtel was assigned one of the available lots of 100 MHz TDD Spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band for $273.60m after an NCC’s 5G auction failed to attract bidders.
In September 2022, MTN launched its 5G network in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Kano, Owerri, and Maiduguri.
A recent report by Ericsson stated that Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa would lead Sub-Saharan Africa’s 5G adoption.
According to the report, 5G adoption is expected to hit 14 per cent of mobile subscriptions by the end of 2028 in these countries.

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