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Pundit goes viral for his poetic monologue on why there should be no sympathy for Germany getting knocked out

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A pundit’s brilliantly expressed explanation on why people should not feel upset about Germany being eliminated from the World Cup has gone viral.Germany is in the worst possible shape right now, having been eliminated from the World Cup in the group stages twice in a row. They are now a team that is in transition with reports suggesting that the German Football Federation are making changes right from the grass roots in order to produce players that can once again dominate world football.However, they are a team that has dominated international football for a long time now. And Pakistani writer and pundit Ahmer Naqvi has very poeticly explained why there should be no sympathy for the football team he describes as ‘Football’s Angel of Death’.According to Naqvi, the German team has crushed more World Cup dreams than any other nation.
.@karachikhatmal’s ?Germany clip, with English subtitles. It’s too good to be limited to a desi audience.
— ansarim (@ansarim) December 6, 2022
 He quite exquisitely gave the viewers a history lesson on the number of countries Germany has brutally eliminated over the years. He starts with the great Hungary side from 1954, which featured Ferenc Puskas. Despite being “regarded as one of the greatest sides of all time,” they were defeated by West Germany.He then mentioned Johan Cruyff’s iconic 1974 Holland team, known for pioneering the concept of total football. They were also knocked out by West Germany. Fast forward to 1982, where he mentions how the West Germans colluded with Austria to eliminate Algeria denying them a history making chance to qualify to the second round. And in the same tournament they defeated the France’s magical ‘Golden Square’ side while sending their keeper into coma.He goes on to mention how West Germany shattered Maradona’s dream in 1990, squashed South Korea’s hopes by defeating them in the semi-finals in their home country in 2002, ended Argentina’s chance of winning with Maradona managing Messi in 2010 before ‘burying’ England’s golden generation, and sent Brazil into ‘far right fascism’ by subjecting them to the trauma of a 7-1 defeat before defeating Argentina in the final, effectively destroying Messi’s chance of being a hero for his country.
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The clip has gone absolutely viral with football fans from all over the world praising the amazing piece of monologue delivered by the Pakistani writer.One tweeted: “Im not all that into football but found this hilarious! Brilliant take, and expertly told”Another tweeted: “Wow this has to be one of the best analysis of a football team I have ever seen. Wish more pundits were like this instead of boring robots.”And most of them loved the bit where he jokingly cited the 7-1 defeat as the reason why Brazil slid into far right fascism.
I love the implication here that Brazil’s generational trauma in 2014 was the reason the country slid to the authoritarian right shortly after. Maybe it’s bidirectional and Lula’s victory will mean another win this year.
— New Left EViews (@NewLeftEViews) December 7, 2022

“they slid into far-right fascism after” LMAOOOOOOOO
— ST (?, ?) (@seyitaylor) December 8, 2022

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