Tammy’s Letter



Tammy was a very brilliant boy. Even when we were in secondary school, he Still somehow made us all look inferior (Dude was too good)..
First position in class, S.P, Valedictorian, School Legend.. The titles were too numerous to mention..
We’d never attend a competition without him (NO MATTER WHAT!)

Now fast forward it to a few years later.. We were all chilling at the reunion when the Principal walked in and dropped the bomb that Tammy (Our Tammy) committed suicide two days before our reunion (Shocked face)..
We were flabbergasted but then the hums began.. “That’s impossible” “What killed him” “Ah his village people oh” (My favourite)..
The Principal then introduced Tammy’s Dad that he had something to tell us (Ah! Finally).
We got the shocker of our life when he read a letter to us he found in Tammy’s room shortly after his body was found.
The letter read thus:

“Hello Dad, mum or anyone who cares. By the time this letter gets to you I’d be long gone..
But I hope this conveys all my feelings to you…
To my mum:
Thanks a lot for giving birth to me.. Thanks for watching me grow and teaching me the right principles. But mum, why didn’t you teach me not to die in silence? Why didn’t you tell me to always air out my opinions?
Why’d you always shut me out whenever I had something to tell you?
Remember that day I came back crying and you told me you were too tired to listen to me? Well I was crying because Uncle Sam touched me (sexually) and when I told him I’d tell on him for trying to abuse me.. He threatened to kill me.. But I still tried to talk to you didn’t I? All you did was shut me out!
Dad, Dad, Dad..
Your popular sentence:
” Can’t you see I’m busy trynna put food on the table for this family!”
But what about me Dad?

Time spent with kids are always remembered.


I needed my dad to put me on the table too(laughs)..
Can you remember when you told me I was useless? I was just in Primary 3 Dad! You told me I’d never amount to anything just because your friends son (James) came first position In the school 100 metres race.. But I always did pass James in class.. And you knew it..
Can you also remember when you told me I was so ‘fat’ and couldn’t I be more fit?
Or my favourite “Let’s see what becomes of you in a few years.. You don’t even have friends!”
But I had friends Dad.. I just couldn’t bring them home cos all you did was compare me to them.. Oh! It hurt so bad Dad..
Now remember when I was giving my speech on my graduation day?
I looked everywhere for you..
I saw parents cheering and hugging their kids, I saw them cheering when I came upstage.. But all I wanted was to see you and mum..
Even if just for a sec.. But then all you told me when I told you I was made valedictorian was:
“With which brain”
You shattered me Dad!

Kids don’t need things, they want you to spend time with them.


To my Mum, Dad, friends, coursemates and anyone else reading this letter..
I’m sorry
I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough
I’m sorry I was too quiet
I’m sorry I shut you out
I’m sorry I was always reading to drown out my pain and had no time to hang out with you
I’m sorry I haven’t got Abs
I’m sorry all I had going was a good brain..
I’m sorry I didn’t let you see what was wrong
I’m sorry I always hid myself
I’m sorry I never held on
But most of all I’m sorry I was your child, your friend or anything..
Tell Principal Jackson that I’ll remember him..
And I hope my story serves as a lesson to everyone..
Don’t cry for me..
I know the way I’m going and in ready for whatever I face..
I’m sorry”
When he finished reading the letter, there was no dried eye in the hall.. We all wailed like babies..
But It was too late!
Then hushed whispers started going round:
“But he always wore a smile” “Tammy could never do this, its a prank”..
But the question..
Did Tammy really commit suicide?
Or we killed him!
Who is Tammy?
Tammy’s your neighbours son
Tammy’s your son
Tammy’s your cousin
Tammy’s that boy you see in the street..
Tammy is everywhere but we are just too blind or inconsiderate to see Tammy..
I hope this opens our eyes..
Everyone is unique, beautiful, special.. Do not judge, compare or berate anyone..
We are all something but none of us is everything..
And please to all those reading this message..
If you feel depressed ‘DO NOT BE QUIET!’.

There’s always a Tammy around us, what would you do? Don’t kill him.

Cupped from the story

Please talk to someone.. Do not quit.. Suicide is not the answer..
There are a million people who love you..
You are not alone!



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Written by SOG

Godfrey Oyaka also known as Suleiman Odiamu Godfrey (SOG) is the second son and third child of twelve in a polygamous home. He was born on Wednesday 26th of June to Mr Suleiman Oyaka and Mrs Comfort Oyaka of the Royal House of Alla-Odiamu Community, Ifeku-Island in Esan South East LGA of Edo State, Nigeria.
He is currently a Law student in the prestigious Faculty of Law, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State. He is also a Blogger, Writer, Public Speaker and Content Creator.
He is a smart fellow and a game changer, his ability to improvise in any situation, and readily lend a listening ear to people in distress has distinguished him among equals.
He is a philanthropist and a believer.


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