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Video: Lady Twerk over a Corpse

The death of a loved one is such a painful experience that bereaved people are seen in a sombre mood as they pay their last respect to the deceased relative.

However, the trend is gradually changing as some people jubilate lately instead of mourning.

A viral video in circulation shows some mourners twerking and twisting as they file past the corpse of a dead man laid in state.

In the video, one woman was twerking on the corpse placed inside a coffin in what appeared to be a ‘service of songs’.

The location of this shocking even is not known neither is the relationship between the dead man and the woman known.

Mourners were seen hyping and cheering her up as she jumps into the coffin to do her thing.

Many people have criticised the women and accused them of having a lack of respect for the dead.

One man wrote: ‘I cannot believe it, it is the most cynical thing that I have ever seen. ‘It is inhuman, disgusting and it shows a lack of respect.’

Another wrote: ‘What a pity seeing girls who could be my daughters moving like b****. Better not to say what kind of values they have received as they only show the lack of respect by themselves.’

Watch video below

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